Yorkville DG65R Traynor DynaGain Series Guitar Amps

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Yorkville DG65R Traynor DynaGain Series Guitar Amps
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Maximum versatility and superior tube-like tone is now available in the North American made, solid-state DynaGain65R guitar amplifier. The Traynor DynaGain Series employs three-stage dynamic tube emulation circuitry and our proprietary continuously variable ‘Contour’ control to provide unparalleled tube-like tone from a solid-state amplifier. The Transconductive power amplifier design used exclusively in the DynaGain series ensures the solid-state amplifier sounds just like a tube amp. Pushing the boundaries of modern technology we have discovered how to utilize Dynamic Gain control in the preamp to ensure the best tube emulation possible from an entirely solid-state circuit design. The DynaGain DG65R comes equipped with footswitchable Channel, Boost and Accutronics® Spring Reverb. Separate 3-band EQ's on each of the two discrete footswitchable channels guarantees that you can always find the sound you need, from crystal clean rhythm tones to searing leads. Other professional features like a Bright switch, Effects loop, external speaker jack, Dyna-Sound speaker emulating headphone jack and speaker defeat switch help make DG65R the perfect amplifier for the practicing musician. To allow maximum flexibility in every aspect of your playing there is a Gain control on each channel and a Master Volume control has been added to give full control over the total output of the amplifier without altering or sacrificing tone, and without introducing extraneous noise in the signal.

Traynor DynaGain amplifiers are made with solid plywood cabinet construction because our engineers believe MDF (medium density fiberboard) or particleboard can't deliver great tone or long term reliability. A full metal grille under the grille cloth protects the 12-inch Eminence Redcoat Governor™ speaker used in the DG65R, while maintaining a truly vintage look to the amplifiers. Quality component selection including the use of glass epoxy circuit boards and attention to design details ensure years of rugged dependability. Like all North American made Traynor products, the DG65R is covered by our 2 year unlimited* "Even if you break it" warranty.

Features North American made Solid State 65-watt guitar amplifier with three-stage DynaGain tube emulation Continuously variable ‘Contour’ control Transconductive power amplifier ensures the solid-state amplifier sounds just like a real tube amp Headphone outputs with Dyna-Sound speaker emulation High/Low 1/4-inch inputs Separate 3 band EQ on each channel Bright switch on Channel 2 Footswitchable Channel and Boost Footswitchable Accutronics® Spring Reverb with level control Separate Gain control on each Channel Master Volume control gives full control without sacrificing tone or adding noise Effects loop Internal speaker defeat External 1/4-inch speaker jack Eminence Redcoat Governor™ 12-inch speaker Solid plywood cabinet construction, not MDF or particle board Full metal grille under the grille cloth Quality component selection including the use of glass epoxy circuit boards Covered by our famous 2 year unlimited* "Even if you break it" warranty * Warranty valid in the United States and Canada only

Specifications Type Solid-State Guitar Amplifier Cabinet Program Power (Watts) 65 Cabinet Impedance (Ohms) 8 Power @ min. impedance (Watts) 65 Minimum Impedance (Ohms) 4 Burst Power - 2 cycle 85-watts Speaker Configuration - LF (Size / Power) 12 inch / 75 Watts Input Channels Hi / Lo Channel 1 - inputs 1/4 inch phone Channel 1 - controls Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass, Middle Channel 1 - switches Boost Channel 2 - inputs Shares ch 1 input Channel 2 - controls Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass, Middle Channel 2 - switches Bright Channel Switching Yes / Footswitchable Master Volume Control Yes Main Tone Controls Contour Input Sensitivity (mV) 20 Master Outputs Preamp Out / Headphone Out Line Out (type / configuration) 1/4 inch TRS / Rear (Effects Send) Line Out Sensitivity (Vrms) 300mV Effects Volume Reverb Effects Loop / Location Post Preamp / Rear Effects Footswitch / Function Yes / Channel Select, Boost Effects Return Sensitivity (Vrms) 300mV Internal Reverb / Effects Accutronics Spring Reverb LED Indicators Channel Select, Boost, Power Protection Short Circuit, Thermal External speaker output / location 1/4-inch, Rear / Internal Speaker Defeat Switch Headphone Jack Yes / Front Panel / Dyna-Sound Speaker Emulation Other Features North American Made 3-Stage Dyanamic Tube Emulation Transconductance Power Amplifier for further tube emulation All Plywood Contruction Perforated Steel Grille

Dimensions (DWH, inches) 10 x 23.5 x 18 Dimensions (DWH, cm) 25 x 60 x 46 Weight (lbs / kg) 40 / 18

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