Yamaha MSP5A-CA MSP Series Powered Studio Monitor Speakers

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Yamaha MSP5A-CA MSP Series Powered Studio Monitor Speakers
Why Built-in Power? Simple: quality. The interaction between a power amplifier and the speaker it drives has a huge impact on the way the system sounds. Since component amplifiers are expected to drive a wide variety of speakers with varying characteristics while providing the best possible performance, they have to be designed with a certain amount of compromise. The same goes for passive speakers. But in the MSP series monitors, the speakers and built-in amplifiers have been designed from the start to work together to achieve uncompromising audio quality. Convenience is another benefit. Obviously, you wonít need external power amplifiers, and your monitor system can be easily transported and quickly set up anywhere you need outstanding audio reproduction.

Why Biamplification? The usual approach in speaker systems is to power the separate drivers ó woofer/midrange and tweeter ó from a single power amplifier through a passive crossover network in the speakerís cabinet. A properly designed system of this sort can provide excellent performance, but some phase aberrations and distortion introduced by the passive network and speaker interaction near the crossover point are unavoidable, as well as power loss through these passive components. Biamplification completely bypasses these problems by using separate power amplifiers for the low-mid-frequency driver and the tweeter. An active crossover separates the frequency bands before the power amplifiers. This means the crossover handles line-level signals, while the speakers are directly driven by separate power amplifiers so electronic interaction is virtually impossible. Building the amplifiers into the speaker cabinet allows for the best possible damping, for tight, controlled bass and fast transient response for accurate high frequency reproduction. The overall result is exceptionally smooth, natural response over the crossover range with an absolute minimum of distortion at all frequencies. In short, incredibly accurate reproduction. Specifically, the MSP5A powers the low/mid driver with a 40-watt amplifier and the tweeter with a 27-watt amplifier (total power 67 watts).

State-of-the-Art Materials & Design

The entire MSP series take advantage of the latest advances in materials and design technology. Drivers like the 12-cm (5") woofer and 2.5-cm (1") titanium-dome tweeter in the MSP5A are designs that feature advanced magnetic structures that achieve exceptionally low distortion. Tweeters on all MSP Series, operate in conjunction with a unique waveguide horn that achieves broad, uniform high-frequency dispersion for optimum balance regardless of listening position. Advanced driver and enclosure designs also ensure smooth, uniform dispersion across the systemís full reproduction range. Titanium offers excellent response, separation and durability. The MSP5Aís dome tweeter, surrounded by a wave guide horn offers a broad coverage area of 120 degrees.

Waveguide Technology The smooth circular horn surrounding the tweeter delivers uniform dispersion without distortion or coloration.

Great for Mastering Flat frequency response out to 40 kHz makes the MSP5A great for mastering, where high sample and bit rates are the norm.

Professional Connectivity

MSP5A Rear PanelAll MSP models, feature balanced XLR-type inputs for direct compatibility with professional equipment. Balanced lines are ideal if the speakers are to be placed at the end of long cable runs which, if unbalanced, might be susceptible to hum and induced noise. The MSP5A also offers an unbalanced 1/4" phone jack connector for connecting with unbalanced lines.

Trim Switches for Easy Room Matching The MSP5A is equipped with low and high frequency trim switches that allow optimization of the systemís response to a wide range of acoustic environments. The MSP5A offers 4-position low and 3-position high trim switches.

Compact Magnetically-shielded Enclosures Along with their compact size and excellent performance, full magnetic shielding in the MSP5A allows the speakers to be positioned near all types of audio, video, and computer equipment without sound degradation or negative effects on surrounding equipment.

Wall Mount The MSP5A can also be attached to the wall with the optional BWS20-120 and BWS20-190 Wall Mounting Brackets.


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