Yamaha M7CL-48 Digital Console

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Yamaha M7CL-48 Digital Console
If you're planning to build or upgrade a mid-size sound system – installed or portable – now's the time to move up to a top-performance, easy-operation digital system based on the M7CL. This is one digital mixing console that lets you concentrate on sound without being overwhelmed by the technology. 48 or 32 mono microphone/line inputs, 4 stereo inputs, and 3 mini-YGDAI card slots (a total of 56 or 40 mixing channels). 16 mix buses, LCR bus, 8 matrix channels, and 8 DCAs assignable to 16 omni outputs. Virtual effect and EQ rack: up to 4 simultaneous multi-effect processors; up to 8 simultaneous 31-band graphic EQs. Centralogic™ interface: central, logical, and intuitive. Dual power modes: use the built in power supply, or add an external PW800W power supply unit (optional) for failsafe dual-supply operation. Compact and lightweight: 48 channels in the space and weight normally required for 24.

Key Features Contents: Centralogic™ Brings It All Together Two Approaches to Total Access Virtual Effect and GEQ Rack Advanced Mixing Functions Made Easy Multiple Security Levels Make Operation Safe and Easy For Any Operator Beyond Basic Operation…When You Need In-depth Control

Centralogic™ Brings It All Together Yamaha's Centralogic™ interface takes the most direct approach to giving you maximum operational ease and efficiency in a digital console. Rather than trying to simulate the feel and workflow of an analog mixer, Centralogic™ goes straight to the heart of the matter, simplifying digital operation to the point where it is actually as intuitive as analog … if not easier. A touch-panel display combined with Yamaha's acclaimed selected channel concept and a straightforward navigation system – no layers, one-function physical controls, and all digital controls can be accessed through just two main display screens – lets you focus in on any operation directly and instantly. In fact, the entire 32-channel or 48-channel console can quite easily be operated from the 44.2-centimeter-wide (that's a little over 17 inches) Centralogic™ section alone.

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