Yamaha DME64N Capable of 64 Channels & 4 MY-Card Slots TCP/IP Control Cascade Connectors Cascade up to 8 Units or to PM5D DSP Processors

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Yamaha DME64N Capable of 64 Channels & 4 MY-Card Slots TCP/IP Control Cascade Connectors Cascade up to 8 Units or to PM5D DSP Processors
DSP power that rivals the Yamaha DM1000 digital mixer and expands the boundaries of configuration design The DME64N offers such powerful performance complements of Yamaha's proprietary DSP7 and DSP6 LSIs, which were designed exclusively for audio processing. The DME64N features processing power to rival Yamaha's highly acclaimed DM1000 digital mixer, while the DME24N offers about half that. This awesome DSP power offers two big advantages. First, it gives a single DSP box enough muscle to build larger, more complex DSP configurations, giving audio designers a free hand in fine-tuning audio signals for systems in concert halls and a wide range of other venues. And second, it makes configuration design easier than ever - because configurations that once required multiple DSP boxes can now be run with one DME64N. Which means big time and energy savings in both design and actual installation, making the Yamaha DME64N an affordable solution as well.

Sound-focused circuitry design with 24-bit/96kHz processing support for the ultimate in sound quality Highly recommended by leading professionals for live performances and studio recording, Yamaha digital mixing engines inherit our cutting-edge audio technologies in mixing console developement - including power supply unit placement and proper grounding. And the results speak for themselves. No wonder the DME64N can deliver peerless fidelity in reproducing any original sound - to the point of rivalling a large mixing console.

Exceptional I/O flexibility and expandibility, Cascade up to 8 DME64Ns for 512 input/512 output capability The DME64N features 4 mini-YGDAI slots on its rear panel for optional I/O cards. These slots support analog inputs and outputs when using high-precision A/D and D/A cards with up to 8 I/Os, as well as AES/EBU-, ADAT-, and TASCAM-compliant digital I/O cards with 16 I/Os. Thanks to these YGDAI slots, the DME64N offers additional support for I/Os over a wide range of audio formats. As a result, the DME64N can support up to 64 input and 64 output channels with 4 MY card slots. In addition, up to 8 DME64N devices can be cascaded to support large-scale applications, providing a maximum of 512 inputs/512 outputs with digital I/O MY cards.

MY16-C mini-YGDAI I/O card ensures CobraNet compatibility With the addition of the new 16-I/O MY16-C card that supports the CobraNet advanced digital audio network, Yamaha's mini-YGDAI card portfolio now offers a broader range of digital format I/O cards. These cards enable network construction with other CobraNet-compliant products - including the NHB32C network hub and bridge and the ACU16C amp control unit. The DME64N can support up to 2 MY 16-C cards.

Control Network via Ethernet Up to 16 DME64N, DME24N and ICP1 intelligent control panel units can be connected via their RJ45 connectors to form an Ethernet network. Making use of existing 100base-T CAT 5 cables and other Ethernet infrastructure components enables quick, easy, cost-effective system construction.

Comprehensive GPI, RS-232C, USB and MIDI control signal support The DME64N offers a wide range of control interfaces for use with different units. The DME64N has 16 in and 16 out GPI ports to link with installed sound systems and other equipment. What's more, it includes RS232C/RS422 serial ports for interfacing with remote control units and PCs, USB ports for popular PC interfaces and MIDI IN/OUT interfaces for synchronization with electronic musical instruments, sequencers and stage lighting controllers.

Jumbo LCD display with extensive front panel controls The DME64N offers outstanding ease of operation thanks to it's large, easy-to-read backlit LCD display and comprehensive clusters of front panel controls - LED status indicators, jog wheel and SCENE, Home and Utility keys. A monitoring headphone jack with phone level control is standard.

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