Yamaha AE021 Digital Console Add-on Effects

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Yamaha AE021 Digital Console Add-on Effects

The AE-021 Master Strip Package Open Deck employs virtual Circuitry Modeling technology to recreate both the analog circuitry and tape characteristics that shaped the sound of open-reel tape recorders. Because of their ability to smooth out peak levels and tidy up the response, many high-end recording studios still maintain open-reel recorders such as the Studer A80mk1, A80mk4 and A820, and the Ampex ATR100 and others from the 70's and 80's to be used to provide tape compression at the mastering stage. Different types of tapes new BASF, old Ampex, etc. are also selected and used according to the unique sounds they produce. The Open Deck provides models of four machine types: Swiss '70, Swiss '78, Swiss '85, and American '70. You can even combine different record and playback decks for a wider range of variation. You also have a choice of "old" and "new" tape types, tape speed, bias, and EQ settings that can vary the "focus" of the sound, distortion, and saturation characteristics.

Now you can easily take advantage of top-end sound-shaping techniques in real time using Yamaha digital consoles.

Master Strip Package. Includes OpenDeck tape deck emulation. Selectable record and reproduction unit, tape speed, tape type, and bias control


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