Yamaha 01V96V2-CA Digital 96kHg Mixer with V2 Software Up TO 40 Channels Of Simultaneous Mixing 8Group/8 Aux Configuration ADAT 1/0 Included

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Yamaha 01V96V2-CA Digital 96kHg Mixer with V2 Software Up TO 40 Channels Of Simultaneous Mixing 8Group/8 Aux Configuration ADAT 1/0 Included
The 01V-96 delivers power in a compact package. It has a 40 channel input capacity, can be cascaded, and operates fully at 24bit/96kHz. It offers a main stereo bus, 2-solo buses, 8 mixing buses, and 8 aux buses, 16 analog inputs (12 w/ mic preamps), and a built-in ADAT optical 8 channel I/O. The 01V96 features EQ/compression/gate/delay for each input channel and a stereo 24 bit effects processor – up to four effect simultaneously. It also has built in control for Pro Tools & Nuendo, as well as other DAW’s, surround panning (6.1, 5.1, 3.1) and comes with studio manager software (Windows & Mac). I/O is expandable via Mini-YGDAI cards or cards by Waves & Apogee (one slot available). The 01V96 comes supplied with Yamaha’s STUDIO MANAGER Version 2 software application for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. In the newly upgraded Version 2, the STUDIO MANAGER has developed into a total management software. In addition to the features of its predecessor, including complete access to all parameters for either on-line or off-line control, as well as the program’s visual interface which makes it easy to relate on-screen controls to the corresponding console functions, the STUDIO MANAGER Version 2 provides a number of enhancements that make this already indispensable program more flexible and powerful than ever. It has now become a truly multi-client platform that can accommodate, for example, cascaded 02R96 and / or 01V96, and various Yamaha editors such as the SPX2000, to realize total recall of settings in the connected equipment. By simply connecting your personal computer to the TO HOST port (USB), you can manage data entirely through your computer. You can also open/close STUDIO MANAGER Version 2 windows from the 01V96. With the upgrade to Version 2, a number of new windows are provided. These include the "Master Fader Window" that shows only the master fader, and the "Meter Window" that shows meters for all 32 channels. In the "Layer Window," the master fader block now can be separated, while the fader level is shown by a numeric value as well as by graphic display. In the "Selected Channel Window," the gate type indication and long-stroke channel meter are added. The "Patch Edit Window" is now clearer to see and can be resized as desired, while it also shows both inputs/outputs to/from each effect block. In the "Library Window", you can now perform simultaneous operation of multiple scenes/libraries. The STUDIO MANAGER Version 2 also integrates the "Effect Editor Window" for controlling ADD-ON EFFECTS (optional). Of course, settings for the main mixer functions can also be made off-line.

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