Ultrasone iCans Aurum Professional Portable Headphones

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Ultrasone iCans Aurum Professional Portable Headphones
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iCans&trade Aurum features real 24 carat gold plating with black earpads and headband for great sound with a great look. Ultrasone's new iCans™ were developed especially to help you recover all the rich sound you've been missing from your portable headphones. Designed for use with iPods and other portable audio devices, the iCans™ create a big sound from small devices. Featuring our patented S-Logic™ technology and ULE standard magnetic shielding, these are the best sounding, safest portable headphones in the world. Aurum model features real 24 carat gold leaf finish with black earpads and black headband. Item can be returned for exchange if it is defective out of the box. Tech Specs

S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound MU Metal shielding standard ULE Standard Dynamic Principle Freq. Range 20Hz to 20 kHz Impedance 35ohm Sound Pressure Level 101dB Driver 30mm Mylar Weight: 82g Cord Length: 115cm Made in Germany Long term availability of spare parts Recommended Burn-in time: 2 to 4 hours

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