TC Electronic VoiceOne Voice Processors

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TC Electronic VoiceOne Voice Processors
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The wedge is dead. There we said it You'll say it too once your band makes the switch to monitoring with VoiceSolo. Imagine hearing yourself through a loud, clean, near-field monitor without resorting to wedges that blur your PA sound and consume stage space. You and your band want to hear better; make it happen with VoiceSolo.

More Stage VoiceSolo takes less space than a mic-stand base. Theyíre lighter too; which makes them easy to carry in one hand when youíre tired after a long gig.

More Sound 150 watts offers plenty of level, especially when itís 3 feet from your ears. Itís a sweet sound- not the tinny honk and distortion of other small monitors.

More You VoiceSolo VSM-300 includes mix and EQ controls. Setting a reasonable level at sound check gives you room to crank it up when the band gets louder in the third set.

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