TC Electronic VoiceDoubler Voice Processor

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TC Electronic VoiceDoubler Voice Processor
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VoiceDoubler Live vocal overdubbing from a single mic - No time travel required

It takes skill, time and punch-ins to create a properly doubled vocal track in the studio and it's nearly impossible to accurately create the effect in live performance. The pitch and timing cues that tell your brain how many people are singing are subtle and complex. Imagine a front-of-house effects processor that creates up to four humanized overdubs - live! With TC-Helicon's VoiceDoubler, overdubbed vocals can be "tight and intimate" or "loose and lively". What's more, TC-Helicon includes pristine emulations of classic detune, microshift and chorus effects. VoiceDoubler, with its timeless combination of natural and effected doubling, finally makes live vocals sound like the CD.

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