Tapco Squeez-SQ-2 Processors

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Tapco Squeez-SQ-2 Processors
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Smooth Compression & Gating with Way-Cool Air Filter! With the new TAPCO Squeez SQ.2, you get two channels of smooth, natural compression and gating, plus an adjustable Air filter for that classic studio vocal squeez of the 60s and 70s. The Compressor section of the Squeez offers both auto soft-knee and hard-knee curves, while the Soft Gate employs a TAPCO expander function at the threshold. Finally, the Squeez features an adjustable Air filter adds natural top-end as you compress, letting you dial in vintage vocal or guitar sounds without the expensive and finicky old gear.

TAPCO Squeez Features:

2-channel compressor/gate with smooth, musical sound

Auto Soft-Knee/Hard-Knee curves depending on compression setting

New adjustable Air filter adds natural high-end for classic studio compression sounds (a la Motown records)

Soft Gate circuitry provides expansion at the threshold to eliminate clipped gated sounds

Individual Threshold, Ratio, Attack, and Release controls per channel

Output gain compensation controls

Auto attack/release function with indicator

Individual Channel In/Out button and indicator

Precision 8-segment Gain Reduction meters

XLR/TRS and Side Chain connections

Selectable Line voltage (115/230V)

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