Tapco S.5 (Pair) Studio Monitors

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Tapco S.5 (Pair) Studio Monitors
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Product Information: It's no secret that Mackie makes some of the most popular and award-winning professional studio monitors in the world. Now that uncompromising monitor design expertise is available at a musician-friendly price with the TAPCO S-5: desktop studio monitor with rich, accurate sound. What does the "S" in "S-5" stand for? Try "smooth," "satisfying," and "superior" to everything in their class. We encourage you to compare them and hear for yourself.

Exceptional sonic performance The S"5 active studio monitors may be small, but they're designed to be transparent, producing uncolored sound for critical desktop monitoring in home recording studios, video editing suites, and home theater systems. The S"5's two-way bass reflex design provides an amazingly flat frequency response and benefits from complete system integration with active crossovers, dual 60-watt power amplifiers, precision drivers (5.25-inch LF, 1-inch HF) and a custom-tuned, ported cabinet.

Adjustable, to work any room Every room is different. Variables like size and shape, furniture, doors and windows, carpeted or wood floors, and where you sit when you listen, all combine to determine what you hear. With the S"5, we included some fine calibration controls to let you adjust the low (+2, +4 dB below 100Hz) and high (+/- 2dB above 5kHz) frequency response to correct any bad influences caused by the room. More importantly, these controls help to ensure that the great sounds you get with the S"5 also sound great on your home stereo, in the car, and anywhere else your music is played.

Protecting your investment We know people want to blast their monitors for long periods in less than laboratory conditions, so we added some extra circuitry just to keep your S"5s performing their best. The S"5s are tuned to maximize efficiency, but they can get hot when used in the real world. If the electronics get too hot, separate thermal switches activate and shut down the high and/or low frequency amplifiers until they cool down. An Over-excursion filter, just before the low frequency amplifier protects the woofer from shredding itself when the low-end is driven to the maximum. These extra protections ensure long life and monitors you can count on to have your back at all times. Finally, we've adding magnetic shielding to protect your computer display or television from being permanently being tweaked from the powerful magnets found inside the S"5.

Price is for a pair of monitors

Mackie-designed active desktop monitors with dual high-precision internal amplifiers

5.25-inch woofer delivers punchy bass output and extremely detailed midrange

1-inch waveguide-loaded silk dome tweeter for smooth, non-fatiguing mix sessions

Low-Frequency Boost and High-Frequency Boost/Cut controls allow for acoustic tailoring

Balanced TRS/XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs

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