Tannoy Reveal 8D Active Studio Monitor

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Tannoy Reveal 8D Active Studio Monitor
40mm MDF sculpted baffle – stiff, heavy and rigid and minimises diffraction.

Recessed drive units flush with the baffle surface – minimises diffraction.

New tweeter has wide band design extending the amplitude response beyond 20kHz audibility to 50kHz to correct the phase response from 8kHz to 20kHz within the audible band. This preserves the harmonic structure of sounds and the stability of the stereo image.

Smooth tweeter faceplate contours prevent diffraction and cavity effects.

10 point fixing maximises contact between drive unit and baffle.

New design bass units have aluminium flux control rings around the voice coils and copper caps on the pole pieces – linearises the voice coil motional impedance to reduce non linear (3rd order) distortion products caused by varying voice coil inductance.

Bass unit development using Klippell™ analysis equipment to minimise offsets and linearise the suspension components.

On/Mute (energy saving mode) via the Tannoy logo push switch.

LED indicator shows Active/Energy Saving modes.

From the side:

18mm MDF cabinet construction provides stiffness and minimises colouration.

Internal construction braces the sides and rear of the cabinet against the rear of the bass driver to provide a rigid reactive mass for the moving cone assembly. Ensures fast tight bass response and clear midrange.

Front baffle and rear panel tongued and grooved into the cabinet as a mechanical interlock for safety if wall mounted.

From the rear:

Double insulated to prevent ground loops – no safety earth required.

CSA/CE/CCC/CB full safety approvals including China.

Spare fuse in IEC mains connector.

On/Off mains isolator switch.

Substantial heat sinking for long term cool running and 24/7 reliability.

XLR and 1/4” jack Combi connector for balanced input.

Switch adjacent to XLR selects digital or analogue input.

RCA input for SPDIF with 75 Ohm terminating impedance.

2nd RCA for SPDIF output for slaving a stereo pair.

Yellow LED indicator lights up when digital lock is achieved.

3-way switch selects which channel of the SPDIF stream is decoded, marked Left/Right/Mono. Switching is post 2 channel DAC.

Trim/Gain control over +6dB/-12dB range reference 0dBV (0.775V) input for full rated output.

Trim/Gain control works on SPDIF input post DAC.

Switch selection of 12dB/8ve 80Hz hi-pass filter for use with AV subwoofers.

First bank of 10 DIP switches controls LF alignment, mid/near/close field and half/quarter/eighth space compensation.

Second bank of DIP switches controls mid band and HF shelving trim.

Note that the DIP switch flat setting is shown on the back panel artwork.

Small hole to the right of the right hand switch bank allows the factory set HF trim on test to be fine trimmed by a service agent if a tweeter needs to be replaced.

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