Tannoy CMS601 Pl Two Way Ceiling Monitor System without Back Can

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Tannoy CMS601 Pl Two Way Ceiling Monitor System without Back Can
The Tannoy CMS601 is a full bandwidth; high power and high sensitivity ceiling monitor system. The design comprises a 165mm (6.50”) transducer mounted in a vented, injection moulded, paintable front baffle manufactured from UV/weather resistant UL94V-0 ABS material.

The point source configuration of the Tannoy ICT™ driver’s mid-bass and tweeter sections ensures a wide and controlled dispersion for optimum coverage; this while avoiding the massive loss of energy, in the vertical plane at the crossover frequency, inherent in twoway discreet designs. The (Inductive Coupling Technology) drive unit also addresses the two most common component failures experienced in background music and sound reinforcement systems, the tweeter and the crossover reliability. The use of a wireless electromagnetic tweeter means that no crossover is required in the design; this therefore ensures that an ICT™ unit cannot be burned out through system misuse or by constant heavy usage. The mineral loaded polypropylene cone material and nitrile rubber surround further enhance durability and long-term reliability.

This compact unit is specifically designed for applications requiring the combination of premium sonic quality for music and speech reinforcement with exceptional reliability.

The CMS601 BM is equipped with a low insertion loss 60W line transformer easily configurable to the following settings via front baffle mounted rotary tapping switch:

70V systems: 60W / 30W / 15W / 7.5W / OFF & low Impedance operation 100V systems: 60W / 30W / 15W / OFF & low Impedance operation

The CMS601 PI is supplied without a transformer. The 60W 4 ohm line transformer is available as an optional accessory pack (7600 1663) for easy connection to the control switch circuit if the product is to be used without a back can.

The recommended option for optimum performance and compliance with safety ratings is to use the CMS601 PI 4 ohm Back Can (8001 4520) in which the transformer is pre-fitted. Two CMS601 model versions and a separate back can are available to satisfy the vast majority of installation application requirements:

CMS601 BM (Blind Mount) – supplied with an integral back can. CMS601 PI (Pre-Install) – supplied without a back can. CMS601 PI 4 ohm Back Can (Pre-wire back can) – use with the CMS601 PI.

The zinc plated steel back cans have an integrated, recessed termination box. The removable locking connector has screw terminals for secure wire termination and "loop through" facility. Strain relief is provided by a clamping mechanism for use with plenum rated cable or conduit.

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