Shure Beta 54 Supercardioid Condenser Headworn Wired Microphones

Shure Beta 54 Supercardioid Condenser Headworn Wired Microphones
The Shure Beta 54 is a subminiature, electret condenser head worn microphone. It provides uncompromised sound quality and reliability with minimal visibility in applications such as broadcast, theater, and touring. Despite their small size, the condenser element delivers full, clear, and natural reproduction of speech and vocals. The microphone features a durable, low-profile wire frame headband which is fully adjustable for stability and comfort. A plastic carrying case protects the microphone and its accessories.

A wireless version is available as the WBH54

Beta 54 - Black, 5-ft. attached cable with TA4F connector, includes in-line preamplifier

This Beta headworn vocal microphone features a smooth, tailored response for a warm, natural sound. Its supercardioid design provides maximum gain-before-feedback and ambient rejection. Supercardioid, Condenser.

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