Sennheiser SK3063-U 3000 Series Bodypack Transmitter

Sennheiser SK3063-U 3000 Series Bodypack Transmitter
The SK 3063 is a miniature, tunable body pack transmitter that provides 30 mW of output power. Sixteen selectable frequencies in a 24 MHz micro range operate within the UHF band of 450-960 MHz. The micro range can easily be returned over a large portion (macro range) of the UHF band to ensure continuous operation regardless of DTV frequency allocations. The HiDyn plus noise reduction system, optimizing attack and decay time, exhibits a signal-to-noise ratio of 108 dB(A). Frequency stability is ensured by the use of Phase Lock Loop (PLL) technology.

Tunability, ruggedness, reliability, along with Sennheiser’s unsurpassed audio quality make this the perfect solution for touring performances, venues located in RF-saturated areas, or any application that requires maximum flexibility.


16 switchable UHF frequencies DTV compatible HiDyn plus noise reduction system PLL technology ensures frequency stability LEMO connectors attach the microphone and antenna, screening out external interference 1-year warranty

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