Rolls GS 76 Game Show Rolls Miscellaneous

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Rolls GS 76 Game Show Rolls Miscellaneous
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The GS76 is a teaching aid for quizzing students on subject content and ideas. Contestants try to "Buzz In" with correct answers first, thereby blocking out other contestants. The master Controller unit is composed of eight numbered Indicator LEDs and one Ready LED on the top, eight modular telephone input jacks on the rear, and along with the power jack, one modular telephone "JOIN" jack on the front. This jack allows the controller to be connected to another GS76 controller providing for up to sixteen total contestants. With each Controller comes a total of eight Contestant Remote switches with a modular telephone connecting jack and cable, and the signal button. The GS76 Game Show comes complete with AC power supply.

FEATURES: Up to eight Contestant Remotes with One Controller JOIN jack; joins two GS76's for up to 16 contestants Uses standard telephone cords Comes complete with 8 remotes, 8 cords, Controller and Power Adapter

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