Roland RCS-848M Teaching Lab System

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Roland RCS-848B Teaching Lab System
Roland RCS-848M Teaching Lab System

The Roland RCS-848 represents the next generation in music-conferencing systems. This all-in-one communication solution is perfect for group piano teaching, music ensemble instruction, and even sophisticated language lab teaching. Because the RCS-848 doesn't rely on external computer hardware or software, it's both intuitive and easy-to-use.

Roland RCS-848M Features:

Comprehensive stand-alone conferencing system; represents the next generation in music conferencing 8-station stereo lab system expandable up to 48-stations with RCS-8EXP expansion kits Easy set up using supplied connectors, cables, and headsets Rack mountable hub controlled via the conference controller External audio output for monitoring and recording RCS-848 includes nine RCS-1 interface boxes and nine RCS-HS headsets Broadcast an external audio source (e.g. CD player, computer, Music Tutor, etc.) using CD input or AUX input; record lectures and performances on an external audio recorder (e.g. CD, hard disk, computer, etc.) using MON output Audio input for external source playback Roland is proud to announce the RCS-848-the next generation in all-in-one music conferencing systems. With a rack-mountable audio hub that can be controlled via the RCS-848 Conference Controller and 8-student communication capability, the RCS-848 is the perfect conferencing solution for piano teaching, music ensemble instruction and sophisticated language lab teaching. Furthermore, since this comprehensive stand-alone system does not rely on any external computer hardware or software, it is easy-to-install and simple-to-use. Professors, artists and business people alike can record lectures and performances using an external audio recorder, such as a CD, hard disk or computer making the RCS-848 an ideal tool for offices and universities. Educators can also monitor and communicate with their students through an external monitoring speaker system such as a stereo power-amp with speakers. In Standard Mode the RCS-848 allows teachers to monitor and communicate with up to eight students in stereo via nine supplied RCS-1 interface boxes and RCS-HS headsets-the system's expandable to 48 students in stereo with optional RCS-8EXP expansion kits. In addition, any student may be assigned to one of four practice groups (i.e. Group A, B, C or D) for ensemble practice, performance, and communication. The result is a flexible music conferencing system that is fully expandable. The system can also operate in Split Mode, allowing educators to accommodate up to 48 students in mono by adding optional RCS-8EXP expansion kits and RCS-HS headsets as needed.

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