Roland Cube-20X Guitar Amp

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Roland Cube-20X Guitar Amp
Insanely Compact Guitar Amp with Huge Sounds! Roland's original Cube Series may well have been the best sounding, "practice" guitar amps we've encountered. Roland's Cube-20X takes that amazing sound and adds some equally amazing new features. The Cube-20X is called a practice amp, but that's just because it's compact and easily portable (and very affordable, by the way). In reality, the Cube-20X packs a punch you won't believe with great new features such as Power Squeezer for maximum sustain without maximum volume, a fully equipped guitar tuner, acoustic simulation inherited from the BOSS AC-3, a mini-jack aux in for playing along to MP3 and CD players, COSM amp modeling, and of course that incredible CUBE sound!

Roland Cube-20X at a Glance:

20-watt, 2-channel amp with 8" speaker, COSM amp-modeling and acoustic simulation inherited from BOSS AC-3

Recording/headphone out, aux input, footswitch in, and onboard tuner

Power Squeezer for maximum gain and sustain - even at low volumes

20-watt, 2-channel Amplifier The Cube-20X has has a two channel configuration that lets you switch between a clean channel and a "lead" channel, which features Roland's famous COSM modeling. The sounds available include Metal Stack, Metal, Overdrive, Distortion, Tube Drive, and an acoustic simulator taken from the BOSS AC-3 effects pedal. The Cube-20X also features onboard effects that include reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, and tremolo. A 3-band EQ lets you shape your tone across the frequency spectrum. The Cube-20X sends 20 watts of power at 8 ohms into a high-quality 8" speaker.

Recording/Headphone out and Aux in Aside from the usual 1/4" guitar input, the Cube-20X also has an auxilliary input (mini-jack) that allows you to input signals from an MP3 player, CD player, or drum machine and play along. There's also a 1/4" record/headphone out that enables silent practice or recording - great for those late-night bedroom jams and recording sessions. The Cube-20X also allows you to switch channels and select effects via a TRS footswitch input. Another great all-around feature is a fully-equipped onboard guitar tuner.

Power Squeezer for maximum gain Speaking of bedroom jams, if you need to play at lower volumes (we say "need" because no self-respecting rocker wants to), Roland has thoughtfully included a a new feature called the Power Squeezer. As you know, when you bring down the volume of an amp past a certain point, it stops responding properly - sustain doesn't last and the tone just isn't right. The Power Squeezer keeps the speaker loaded as though major wattage is going through it. The result is that you can play at extremely low volumes without losing the sustain or great response that comes with playing at higher volumes.

Roland Cube-20X Features:

20 watts of power

Powerful COSM amp-modeling onboard

High-quality 8" speaker

Recording/headphone output and auxiliary input

TRS footswitch jack for selection and effects

Acoustic simulation inherited from BOSS AC-3

Convenient onboard tuner

Power Squeezer for maximum gain and sustain - even at low volumes

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