Roland CB-100 Cube Amplifier 100w

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Roland CB-100 Cube Amplifier 100w
Roland CB-100 Overview:

Legendary CUBE with Extra Bass Beef

Looking for a professional bass amp that will slap your audiences in the face? The new Cube-100 Bass is packed with a 12" 2-way high-performance speaker, a 100W amplifier, eight COSMŽ amp models, a 4-band EQ, Shape switch, five digital effects, and a Balanced Out jack (Pre/Post). The Cube-100 Bass's compact design makes it easy to carry your own bass sound from gig to gig - ideal for use at rehearsals and gigs alike.

100W bass amplifier with 12" coaxial 2-way speaker

Eight COSM amp models and five digital effects: chorus/flanger/T-wah, independent delay/reverb

4-band EQ, compressor, and Shape switch for detailed sound adjustments

Balanced output (with pre/post switch) and Line out for connection to mixers

Recording/Phones output for private practice and recording applications

Pad switch for accepting a wider range of output levels from any type of bass

Ext Speaker jack output allows connection to external speaker cabinet for more powerful sound

Roland CB-100 Details:

Compact and Powerful

The Cube-100 Bass has enough power to drive bass lines through band rehearsals and live gigs, thanks to its 100 rockin' watts of amplification. And because of the compact design, you won't be worn out carrying the amp back and forth between your home and gigs.

Renowned COSMŽ Amps and More

The Cube-100 Bass has eight COSM amp models built in, including Octave Bass and the new "Super Flat." These are all-original amp models from Roland R&D. Octave Bass is an octaver for producing the heaviest and lowest bass sounds. Super Flat responds accurately to a wide sound frequency, from the low-ends to the highs of the bass input, and you get a clean, clear tone that retains the natural sound quality of your bass. Its internal DSP is carefully tuned to avoid excessive coloration of the sound. It's a great way to get the natural tone of upright basses with pickups.

Onboard DSP Effects

Once you've chosen the amp model of choice, route it through the Cube-100 Bass's stellar digital effects, including EFX (Chorus/Flanger/T-Wah) and independent Delay/Reverb. Optional footswitches can be connected for controlling effects on/off.

Connect and Conquer

Connect directly to PA mixers through the Cube-100 Bass's Balanced Out and Line Out jacks. With the Balanced Out jack, you can either send your direct bass signal or your customized bass sounds to PA mixers. You can also interface with larger external speaker cabinets through the built-in Ext Speaker jack. When the Cube-100 Bass is connected to an external speaker, the amp models and effects can still be accessed while gaining more power through the larger speakers. It also has a Tuner Out jack for convenient tuner connection. Lest we forget about the studio - the Cube-100 Bass's Recording/Phones output jack and its variety of amp models make it a great choice for recording applications.

Roland CB-100 Specifications:

Rated Power Output 100 W Nominal Input Level (1 kHz) Input: -10 dBu / 1 M ohms Speaker 30 cm + Tweeter (Coaxial, 2-way) Controls Power Switch, Input: Pad Switch, Compression: Compression Knob, COSM Amplifier: Shape Switch, Type Knob (Super Flat, Flip Top, B Man, T.E, Bass360, Session, Concert810, Octave Bass), Gain Knob, Volume Knob, Equalizer: Bass Knob, Low-Mid Knob, High-Mid Knob, Treble Knob, EFX: EFX Knob (Chorus, Flanger, T-Wah), Delay/Reverb: Delay/Reverb Knob, Balanced Out: Select Switch (Pre, Post), Gnd Lift Switch (On, Off) Indicators POWER, PEAK, COMPRESSION, EFX, DELAY/REVERB Connectors INPUT Jack (1/4" phone type) RECORDING OUT/PHONES Jack (Stereo 1/4" phone type) FOOT SW Jack (EFX, DELAY/REVERB) (1/4" phone type) EXT SPEAKER Jack (1/4" phone type) LINE OUT Jack (1/4" phone type) TUNER OUT Jack (1/4" phone type) BALANCED OUT Jack (XLR type) Power Supply AC 117 V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V (50/60 Hz) AC 220 V (60 Hz) Power Consumption 28 W Accessory Owner's Manual Option Foot Switch FS-5U (BOSS) Size and Weight ( incl. casters ) Width 407 mm 16-1/16 inches Depth 310 mm 12-1/4 inches Height 469 mm 18-1/2 inches Weight 17.0 kg 37 lbs. 8 oz. * 0 dBu=0.775 Vrms *The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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