Rane RA30 Realtime Analyzer (1U)

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Rane RA30 Realtime Analyzer (1U)
The Rane RA 30 Realtime Analyzer is a single rack space unit providing 30 bands of realtime frequency/amplitude information in a 5-LED per band format. The RA 30 serves three functions:

Realtime Analyzer with Pink Noise generator SPL Meter Stereo VU Meter with Peak Hold In RTA (Real Time Analyzer) mode, the RA 30 is used to visually judge the character of the Pink Noise signal (or any sound) received by the measurement microphone. A Pink Noise generator is built into the RA 30 with an on/off switch. The operator may now adjust an external 1/3-octave equalizer for optimum response of a sound system based on the readings presented by the LED display.

Broadband signals applied to either the Mic or Line Inputs of the RA 30 are divided into 1/3-octave increments by IEC 61260 Class 2 filters. The outputs of the filters are displayed on the front panel to visually indicate the amplitude of each band, in user-selectable 1, 3 or 6 dB per LED scales. A Normalize button sets the 0 dB reference to the maximum band level.

In SPL (Sound Pressure Level) meter mode, the display is read horizontally and calibrated to a 1 dB resolution. The calibrated mic included with the RA 30 must be used, with the Gain control in the detented 'CAL' position. A- or C-weighting filters are user selectable. This mode accurately displays SPL readings from a minimum of 51 dBA to a maximum of 120 dBA. The Cal Mic Input auto ranges for maximized operation.

Stereo VU meter mode is automatically enabled when the Line input source is selected. It has a 1.5 dB resolution, and can be calibrated to accommodate +4 dBu or -10 dBV signals. Two horizontal rows of yellow LEDs indicate the VU level. The top row corresponds to the Left Input, and the bottom row corresponds to the Right Input. Levels above +3 dB on the VU scale switch to the red LED rows.

The VU meter incorporates an instantaneous Peak Hold function with a 2-second hold time. Peak Hold is enabled or disabled by pressing the NORM button. The peak value is displayed with a single LED for each channel. If the held peak value is greater than +12 dB on the VU scale, the +12 dB LEDs stay illuminated. In this case, the Input gain can be decreased until the peak value is not "stuck" at +12 dB. For a calibrated peak measurement, the input gain can be set to minimum, which sets the 0 dB mark on the VU scale to +16 dBu.

The Rane MIC 2 condenser microphone is a professional quality back-electret condenser microphone with an omnidirectional pickup pattern. This microphone is supplied with each RA 30, and connects to the front panel Mic Input jack only. The tapered aluminum mic housing fits most mic stand clips (one is included), and comes complete with a 25 foot (7.6 meter) cable to facilitate distant placement of the mic from the analyzer. These factory tested mics are flat to within 1 dB from 20 Hz to 16 kHz. An Aux Mic Input is provided on the rear panel, facilitating the use of other microphones.

The rear panel of the RA 30 includes a Pink Noise Output jack, Aux Mic Input (XLR), stereo Line Inputs (" balanced, can operate in mono by using the left input only), and a recessed Pink Noise Level adjustment.

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