Rane MS1b Microphone Preamplifier (Desktop)

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Rane MS1b Microphone Preamplifier (Desktop)
The Rane MS 1b Mic Stage preamplifier provides the answer when you need just one microphone input in an otherwise line-level world. Give us a call to go from either a dynamic, condenser or electret microphone to a line-level input with a minimum of noise, distortion, cost and hassle.

The new MS 1b features an improved maximum input and improved dynamic range specifications. The new design features the popular Burr-Brown mic preamp chip which boosts performance tremendously.

The MS 1b provides 48 V switchable Phantom Power with indicator LED, continuous rotary Gain trim between 18 dB and 66 dB, Signal/Overload LED, and XLR balanced Input & Output connectors. A Polarity switch and high-current cross-coupled output line driver round out the features.

The MS 1b utilizes one of the finest ultra low noise amplifier designs available. Featuring a true differential input with high common-mode rejection, use of the MS 1b guarantees performance usually found only in mixing consoles costing thousands of times as much. Of course, for all of that extra money you receive a proportional increase in KPSI (knobs per square inch).

MS 1b Specifications Parameter Specification Limit Units Conditions/Comments

Input Impedance 10k 1% ohms Balanced 5k + 5k

Gain Range 18 to 66 typ. dB

Phantom Power +48 4% volts 10 mA max.

..........Impedance 6.81k 1% ohms Each leg

..........Load Regulation 0.1 typ. % 0 to 14 mA

..........RMS CM Noise .003 typ. % % of Vout (10 to 10k Hz)

Max. Input Level +10/-32 min. dBu Gain 18/60, balanced output

Equivalent Input Noise -128 typ. dBu 20kHz BW, Rs=150 ohms, Gain=60dB

Signal to Noise Ratio 96 typ. dB 20kHz BW, Rs=150 ohms, Gain=18dB, re 4dBu

Dynamic Range 120/95 typ. dB Gain 18/66

CMRR 80 typ. dB Rs=150 ohms, 120 Hz, Gain = 60 dB

Frequency Response

..........Gain 60 dB 45 to 200k typ. Hz +0, -3dB

..........Gain 18 dB 30 to 200k typ. Hz +0, -3db

THD+Noise (gain 60 dB) .007 (Output=+20 dBu) typ. % 55 to 20k Hz, 20 kHz BW, Rl=10k ohms

THD+Noise (gain 18 dB) .001 (Output=+20 dBu) typ. % 50 to 20k Hz, 20 kHz BW, Rl=10k ohms

Line Driver Active Cross-coupled

Gain 5.2/6 dB typ. unbalanced/balanced

Max. Output Level +22/+27 min. dBu Unbalanced/balanced, 2k ohm load

Output Impedance 50 1% ohms Each Leg

Signal Indicator 2/8 typ. dBu Unbalanced/balanced output, Green LED

Overload Indicator 14/20 typ. dBu Unbalanced/balanced output, Amber LED

Output Cable Length 300 typ. meters Belden 8451 or equivalent

Unit: Agency Listing

..........120 VAC model Class 2 Equipment National Electrical Code

UL & CSA Exempt Class 2 equipment

..........230 VAC model CE-EMC EMC directive 89/336/EEC

CE-Safety Exempt per Art. 1, LVD 73/23/EEC

Power Supply: Agency Listing Class 2 Equipment

..........120 VAC model UL File no. E88261

CSA File no. LR58948

..........230 VAC model CE-EMC EMC directive 89/336/EEC

CE-Safety LV directive 73/23/EEC

..........100 VAC model Built to JIS Japan only

Power Supply Input 18 VAC w/center tap 10% Vrms Rane RS 1 supplied

Max Current Consumption 220 mA

Unit Size 1.65" H x 5.1" W x 4.25" D (4.2 cm x 13 cm x 10.8 cm)

..........Weight 1 lb (0.45 kg)

Shipping Size 3.6" H x 11.75" W x 7.2" D (9.5 cm x 30 cm x 18 cm)

..........Weight 4 lb (1.8 kg)

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