Radial JS2 mic splitter

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Radial JS2 mic splitter
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Radial JS•2 and JS•3 Mic Splitters

• 100% isolation to eliminate ground loops • Jensen transformer-equipped for best sound • Choice of 2 or 3 way designs for flexibility • Microphone or line level signal handling • Compact design - may be J-Rak mounted • Ultra rugged 14-gauge steel construction The Radial JS•2 and JS•3 are Jensen Transformer equipped mic splitters that allow a balanced source to drive multiple destinations via standard XLR connectors. These passive devices feature a premium nickel laminated core transformer for exceptionally low harmonic distortion without the usual phase shift caused by lesser steel core transformers.

The undisputed benefit of 100% transformer isolation provides better than -90dB common mode noise rejection (CMR), thus eliminating troublesome hum & buzz caused by stray voltage and ground loops. These ‘problem-solvers’ offer a simple yet highly effective interface for microphones or direct boxes, and with the addition of the -30dB pad, consumer and line level devices may be employed without distortion or fear of overload due to saturation.

The Radial JS•2 and JS•3 mic splitters feature a rugged 14-gauge steel construction for maximum durability. A unique book-end design creates a protective zone for switches and connectors against the harsh environment of concert touring. An internal welded I-beam skeleton houses the PC board, creating a virtually indestructible monocoque design that makes it impossible to torque the circuitboard. This eliminates stress on the solder points which can cause cold solder joints to develop. This innovative design also has the unique advantage of allowing up to 8 units to be rack-mounted using the Radial J-Rak. The J-Rak is a heavy-duty rack shelf that allows the splitters to span across a vertical array using only two 19” rack spaces.

The Radial JS•2 and JS•3 mic splitters are easy to use, flexible and sound great!

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