ALESIS ProLinear 720 DSP Monitors

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Alesis ProLinear 720 Dsp Refrence Monitors
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Nearfield Monitors - With A Twist! Alesis delivers a major innovation in studio reference monitor design with the ProLinear 720DSP. Building on Alesis' award winning speaker designs, the ProLinear 720DSP delivers unprecedented accuracy, control, and flexibility for any studio monitor application.

The ProLinear 720DSP is a bi-amplified two-way studio reference monitor with a 7" kevlar woofer and a 1" silk-dome tweeter, with several distinct advantages over traditional studio monitors: By integrating proprietary 28 bit DSP, the ProLinear implements the crossover entirely in the digital domain to provide a precisely controlled response.

The ProLinear 720DSP further leverages its digital control to enable users to set and store multiple EQ curves for individual speakers, or for every speaker in the studio. Alesis has allowed users to adjust settings via the built-in 4 band fully parametric EQ. Additionally, by using the PC interface, users can adjust and set EQ settings remotely from a "sweet spot" listening position. No other product offers the degree of control, flexibility, or total performance of the ProLinear 720DSP!

Alesis ProLinear 720DSP Features:

Bi-amplified studio reference monitor

Built-in digital crossover and EQ with presets

Serial interface allows computer control of multiple speakers

80 watts (LF)/40 watts (HF)

7-inch woven Kevlar woofer

1-inch silk dome tweeter

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