Allen and Heath ML3000 24A Mixer

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Allen and Heath ML3000 24A 24 channel Professional Mixer
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ML3000-24 A 24 Mono + 2 Stereo 15 buss live sound VCA console Never before has a fully equipped VCA desk been accessible to so many people. 15 buss live sound VCA console Never before has a fully equipped VCA desk been accessible to so many people. Once again we’ve applied our design skills to making a previously exclusive technology affordable to people on a real world budget.

We’ve also included our unique LCRplus panning system, bringing sophisticated signal imaging within reach for smaller shows. All this power is harnessed in a remarkably compact console which is a real pleasure to drive thanks to its simple, uncluttered control layout.

NEW: There is now a 'B' Option available with first 4 mono channels to the right of the master section replaced with 4 stereo channels

The ML3000 is a dual function front-of-house and monitor console, aimed at rental companies and small venues needing advanced functionality in a small-footprint, affordable mixer. In addition to its 8 VCA groups, the ML3000 provides 4 audio groups, 8 pre/post switchable auxes, 8 mute groups, LCRplus™ Panning and an 8x4 matrix with external inputs and inserts. Snapshot automation of VCA assignments and mute scenes can be run via a PC.

Dual Functionality - Group/Aux mode switches reverse the group fader and Aux rotary master sections to allow you to choose any combination of up to 8 Aux sends and up to 4 audio subgroups on fader masters with inserts and full metering. A Centre Mode switch converts the 100mm C fader to an engineer's listen wedge control with insert - Four frames sizes are available 24, 32, 40, and 48 - Same mic preamps as on the ML5000 - 4 Audio Groups - 8 VCA Groups - 8 Auxillary Sends - LCRplus™ Panning uses blend and pan controls to allow any signal positioning across the C and LR Busses - 8x4 Matrix - 8 Mute Groups - 4 Band EQ with mid sweeps - 2 Dual Stereo Channels - ML Mic Pre with swept HPF - Balance XLR plus inserts - PAFL system. 128 Snapshot memories - Talkback - Engineer's Toolbox (Phones, wedge and local moniotr controls, -20dB 'dim' when TB is active - Oscillator and pink noise generator, ground compensated direct outs on all channels, 2TRK, LR, & C monitor selection with mono check, VU metering has built in peak LED. TB/OSC output [TRS]) - 3 XLR Littlites sockets - Options:Internal jumpers to configure Aux1 to direct out, pre/post direct out, pre/post EQ / pre-insert for the pre-fader source. Isolate pre-fade from channel mute. Pre insert / post fade for 2 track recording source - Optional SysLink II kit enable the ML3000 to link to other MLs, and to other A&H consoles using adaptor cables - Dust cover included.

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