ASHLY-MFA-8000 Two Channel Amplifier

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AshlyMfa-8000 Two Channel Amplifier
The MFA-8000 contains sophisticated power amp monitoring circuits to detect abnormal conditions. A highly accurate detector illuminates the true CLIP L.E.D. at the onset of clipping. Further increases in signal level will activate a limiter circuit to prevent severe overload distortion from occurring, while an illuminated LIMIT L.E.D. lets the user know that the function has been activated. Advanced thermal management circuitry senses temperature at four different locations in the amp and adjusts fan speed accordingly. A THERMAL L.E.D. on each channel indicates an above normal operating temperature, while protective circuitry automatically attenuates the input signal until the amplifier returns to within a normal operating range. The amplifier's output will automatically shut-down in the event of a fault condition such as severe overheating, shorted output, DC voltage, or ultrahigh frequencies at the output. A PROTECT L.E.D. indicates when one or more of these fault conditions occur. As alluded to previously, each channel's limiting, thermal, and protection management is completely independent of the other channel. Each channel also features a ten-segment L.E.D. level meter on the front panel of the amplifier. Standard inputs to the amp include balanced XLR (with a transformer available as an option), 1/4" TRS connections, and barrier strip terminals with ground lift provision. The MFA-8000 model is also Ashly PowerCard compatible for other input option possibilities. Output connectors include both Speakon and professional five-way binding posts.

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