Mackie HR626 Professional Studio High Resolution Monitor

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Mackie HR626 Professional Studio High Resolution Monitor
With more and more recording studios mixing to 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, the need arose for a studio monitor that could handle some serious multi-tasking. Say hello to the Mackie HR626 — a THX-approved, 2-way Active reference monitor that provides the same accuracy of Mackie's HR824. When placed vertically, the HR626 has the same great sound and similar frequency response as our legendary HR824, with a smaller footprint. Also, due to its symmetrical left-right sound field, the Mackie HR626 is perfect as a center channel monitor for surround sound mixing or for high-end home theater applications.

With extremely even dispersion for a wide "sweet spot" and user-adjustable controls for a variety of acoustic spaces, the HR626 is found in hundreds of professional studios and in the home studios of top recording artists (see list at left).

D'APPOLITO DESIGN? Some years ago, renowned audio engineer Joe D'Appolito started placing a single woofer on each side of the HF transducer, and using a third-order (or higher) crossover in his designs. The end result — proper phase control of the loudspeaker and the low frequency response was extended. We decided to use Joe's design principles for one simple reason—they work! That's why the Mackie HR626 has a 6.7" woofer on each end of the cabinet with a waveguide-loaded dome tweeter stuck right the center. The HR626 is the first Mackie Active studio monitor to incorporate D’Appolito design.

MACKIE ACTIVE DESIGN The 100- and 40-watt FR (Fast Recovery) Series amplifiers inside the HR626 are clean, ultra-reliable — and most importantly, were specifically designed for these drivers. Our amps can drive these custom-tailored transducers to their limits without pushing them over the edge. Add to this our phase- and time-correction crossover and you’ve got one excellent sounding Active monitor. Frequency response is verifiably "ruler-flat" from 42Hz to 20kHz, with a 3dB down point at 40Hz. The Mackie HR626 is ideal for those who need lots of bottom-end and high-resolution midrange for mixing and vocal placement. Read more.

THUMPIN' BASS Ask any bass player and they will tell you that smaller speakers respond to transient attacks much more quickly than their huge counterparts. (As long as they are designed to handle bass frequencies, that is.) That having been said, instead of using a single large woofer in the HR626, we chose to use two of our powerhouse 6.7" transducers (the same ones used in the HR624). Not only does this help the HR626 meet the D'Appolito design concept, dual LF drivers also move a larger column of air. Add to this our mass-loaded, rear-firing passive radiator and you've got extended low-end that just won't quit.

WAVEGUIDE-LOADED TWEETER That unusual looking tweeter is actually our waveguide-mounted 1" aluminum dome HF transducer. (Try to say that five times fast.) The logarithmic waveguide works with the tweeter to ensure accurate, even dispersion of the high-frequency content, creating a much wider "sweet spot" than offered by most studio monitors. And Mackie HR626s won’t tire you out, even after hours of tracking and mixing.


On the rear panel of the HR626 you'll find some very useful controls:

Acoustic Space Control Ideally, your monitor speakers should be placed well away from wall surfaces. But this isn't always easy in small project studios and video post suites. The HR626 has a 3-position switch that can be set for full space (way out from the walls), half-space (against a back wall), or quarter space (in a corner). The Acoustic Space Control, for accurate bass in a small control room. LF Roll-Off The HR626 plays considerably lower than most home stereo speakers can go. So we provided you with an 80Hz Roll-Off switch to temporarily disable extremely low bass when mixing for AM radios, boom boxes, and old people who rarely attend raves. High Frequency Although we expect that you have acoustic treatment in your control room (egg crates, wall carpets with dogs playing cards, etc.), there may be times you might be using the HR626 in larger, more live spaces such as a conference room. For these occasions, we've included a high frequency shelving control that reduces frequencies above 10kHz by 2dB. Conversely, in rooms where high frequency content is easily absorbed, a 2dB boost is available.

VERSATILITY The Mackie HR624 is the ideal speaker for home project studios, smaller recording facilities, or anyplace where space is at a premium. And if you want even more bass, the HR626 was designed to work perfectly with the Mackie HRS120 Active Subwoofer system. For an outstanding home theater experience, combine an HR626 (center channel), a pair of HR624s (rear R/L), two of our HR824s (front R/L), and an HRS120 Active Subwoofer. Prepare to be blown away by your favorite movie without your feet sticking to the floor.

VALUE OVER PASSIVE SYSTEMS Although HR626s deliver unparalleled performance, they aren't nearly as expensive as some of those "prima donna" studio monitors out there. Thanks to our advanced manufacturing techniques, Mackie HR626s deliver "high-end" performance without the high-end price tag. And when you compare them to passive monitors (requiring external power amplifiers, crossovers, and equalization), HR626s stand out as an exceptional value. Bring your favorite CD* to a nearby dealer and compare them side-by-side with the competition.

• Worldwide standard high-resolution professional studio monitor with true Active design • (2) 6.7" (170mm) high-precision, extended LF transducers; elliptical, rear-firing, mass-loaded, passive radiator for extended bass performance • 1"(24.5mm) waveguide-loaded HF transducer with viscous, edge-damped aluminum dome and ferrofluid-cooled voice coil • True Active design with FR Series amplifiers—100W LF / 40W HF with onboard time- and phase-correction crossover • Low Profile design, ideal for left, fight, center (LRC) applications • Acoustic Space, LF roll-off and HF adjustment controls for use in matching the acoustic properties of any room • ± 1.5 dB 42Hz-20kHz response guaranteed by calibration—includes individual, signed Calibration Certificate • XLR, 1/4" and RCA inputs • Full internal damping eliminates unwanted midrange artifacts • Non-fatiguing through hours of use • THX pm3 approved for 5.1 and 7.1 surround mixing and playback

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