ASHLY-FTX-1501 Two Channel Amplifier

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Ashly-ftx-1501 Two Channel Amplifier
The FTX-Series III consists of two models with various power ratings. The FTX-1501 puts out 185 watts at eight ohms, 275 watts at four ohms and 275 watts at two ohms. The top-of-the-line FTX-2001 delivers a full 300 watts per channel at eight ohms, 475 watts into four, and 550 watts when confronted with a true two ohm load. All models may be mono-bridged, at a power rating of twice their four ohm per channel capability. Additionally, the FTX-2001 may be used to drive 70V systems when configured in bridged mono mode without the use of external transformers. Models FTX-1501 and FTX-2001 are THX (tm) approved for use in cinema and home theater applications. To ensure compliance with the specifications of commercial installations, Ashly FTX power amplifiers are listed with U.L. (Listed 35E5 Commercial Sound Equipment). In addition, all Ashly products are covered under the company's exclusive Five Year Worry-Free Warranty program, offered at no extra cost to the user. Both FTX Series amplifiers are also Ashly PowerCard compatible for other input option possibilities.

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