ASHLY-DXP-200 Parametric Equalizer & Compressor/Limiter

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Ashly Dpx-200 Parametric Equalizer & Compressor/Limiter
The DPX Series was created in response to our dealers, contractors and users requesting a simple solution requiring general EQ and comp/limiting. Two products have been developed, the DPX-100 Graphic Equalizer & Compressor/Limiter and DPX-200 Parametric Equalizer & Compressor/Limiter. Features:

Separate Mic Pre and Line Inputs 2 fully parametric bands Parametric filters tunable from 20Hz to 20KHz Adjustable bandwidth from 3 1/3 to 1/20 of an octave High and Low Shelf filters True reciprocal curves Individual band in/out bypass switching Balanced Inputs and Outputs XLR, 1/4" TRS audio connections Five Year Warranty Specifications: INPUT SECTION: Mic Input Impedance: >/= 1K ohm Line Input Impedance: 20K ohm Balanced, 10k ohm Unbalanced Mic Input Connection: XLR Mic Gain: 55dB 2dB without pad Line Input Gain: 15dB Mic Gain Range: +20dB to +55dB Line Gain Range: (-) infinity to +15dB Phantom Power: 48VDC PARAMETRIC EQ SECTION: Max. Input Level: +22dBu Output Impedance: 200 ohm Balanced, 100 ohm Unbalanced Max. Output Level: +22dBu Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz, .2dB Total Harmonic Distortion: < 0.01% @ +4dBu 20Hz - 20KHz Output Hum and Noise: -90dBu (typ., 20Hz-20kHz unweighted) Bandwidth: 3 1/3 - 1/20 octave Peaking Frequency: 20Hz - 20KHz Range: 15 dB Low Shelving Frequency: 40 - 400Hz High Shelving Frequency: 1.6K - 16KHz Range: 15 dB CONTROLS: Gain: +/-15dB, Threshold: -40dBu +22dBu Ratio: 2:1 to infinite Attack Time: 200uSec - 20mSec Release Time: 0.1Sec - 3Sec Output: -40dBu - +20dBu Input Impedance: 20k Ohms, 10k ohm Unbalanced Output Impedance: 200 ohm Balanced, 100 ohm Unbalanced Frequency Response: +/- 0.2dB 20Hz-20kHz THD: <0.01%, +15dBu, 1kHz <0.15%, +15dBu, 20Hz-20kHz Output Hum and Noise: -95dBu, (typ.) unity gain I/O CONNECTORS: XLR, 1/4"TRS POWER REQUIREMENTS: 90-125VAC, 50-60Hz, 10W (240V available) SHIPPING WEIGHT: 8lb. DIMENSIONS: 19"W x 1.75"H x 6"D

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