the DPX-100 Graphic Equalizer & Compressor/Limiter and DPX-200 Parametric Equalizer & Compressor/Limiter

Ashly Dxp 100 Graphic Equalizer & Compressor Limiter
The DPX Series was created in response to our dealers, contractors and users requesting a simple solution requiring general EQ and comp/limiting. Two products have been developed, the DPX-100 Graphic Equalizer & Compressor/Limiter and DPX-200 Parametric Equalizer & Compressor/Limiter.

Using proven circuitry from our popular MQX and PQX series equalizers and combining these features with our CLX series compressor/limiters provides two tools no audio system should be without. By combining the features and benefits of two processors into one unit, the result is two powerful tools providing a simple solution to everyday audio applications.

The EQ section of the DPX-100 is a 15-band, constant Q, 2/3 octave, ISO center, precision wein bridge filter design. Other EQ features are: frequency range from 25Hz to 16KHz, selectable 15dB or 6dB range, 25mm faders with 'center off' position, EQ in/out switch, signal present and clip LEDs and switchable 18dB/octave -20Hz high pass filter.

Two separate inputs are available in the DPX-200; a microphone preamp with input pad and a line input. An input select switch and input level control are located on the front panel. The EQ section consists of 4 bands of filtering; two full-bandwidth parametric EQs as well as a low-shelf and high-shelf filter. Other EQ features are: in/out switching for each filter, cut and boost of 15dB, signal present and clip LEDs, and master EQ level control.

The compressor/limiter section uses peak detection circuitry and has individual controls for gain, threshold, ratio, attack, release and output level. More compressor/limiter features include: in/out switch, 11-stage LED gain reduction meter, selectable 11-stage LED input/output level meter, and a detector patch point for frequency-selective limiting or ducking.

Additional features of the DPX-100 and DPX-200 are: the equalizer section and compressor/limiter may be used independently or chained together in series, balanced XLR and " inputs and outputs, extremely low noise and distortion, internal power supply and Ashly's five-year worry-free warranty.

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