DRAWMER TS1 Tube Station One

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Drawmer- TS1 Tube Station One Mic Preamplifier
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The Tube Station 1 (TS1) offers a wide dynamic range Class A mic/instrument pre-amp which can be assigned either to the onboard stereo tube compressor or alternatively to an external destination via its own dedicated output. The compressor can be accessed independently via its own inputs for warming and fattening stereo mixes. In addition to a variable high-pass control, the mic pre-amp features an HF contour control which offers high frequency enhancement to add presence and clarity to the human voice and acoustic instruments. A variable Tube Drive control allows user-definable amounts of saturation. The TS1 offers digital outputs on SPDIF or AES/EBU at up to 24 bit resolution and 96K sample rate. Simultaneous analogue outputs are available on balanced XLR.

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60dB of gain Clip LED Variable high-pass 25Hz-250Hz Output 1/4 inch jack (unbalanced) Instrument input 1/4 inch Jack 48V phantom power Phase reverse HF contour Send/return insert point Mic input XLR balanced


Stereo Tube soft-knee compressor Variable attack and release controls Variable Tube Drive Fixed threshold limiter 8 segment gain reduction bargraph Twin 8 segment left/right - input/output bargraph Single 'more compress' control for ease of use Gain trim Analogue output level (does not affect digital out) Side chain access

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