DRAWMER DSL424 Two Plus Two Combined Dynamics

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Drawmer DSL424 Two Plus Two Combined Dynamics
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DSL424 TwoPlusTwo Combined Dynamics

Brochure User Manual Close-Up Recall Sheet The DSL424 provides the engineer with a 1U four channel comprehensive toolbox capable of solving the most complex dynamic problems. Incorporated in the 1U package are two industry standard frequency conscious noise gates and two soft/hard knee compressors with variable threshold limiting.

The channels may be front panel configured as four individual stand alone processors, a stereo linked pair of comp/limiters with a stereo linked pair of gates. Alternatively, any combination of processing can be achieved by rear panel patching. The DSL424 combines the gates of the DS404 with the comp/limiters of the DL441 to provide a versatile 1U problem solver invaluable in applications where rack space is limited.

Features: • 2 Channel Frequency Conscious Noise Gate / 2 Channel Comp/Limiter Combination

Noise Gate • Variable High Pass and Low Pass Filters for frequency triggering • Auto attack • Variable release • Switchable range with LED status • Selectable ‘Hard’ (drums etc.) or ‘Soft’ (vocals etc.) modes • 1/4 inch jack Key Inputs • Key Listen facility • Slave linking • ‘Traffic light’ gate status metering • Balanced +4dB XLR in/out

Compressor/Limiter • Switchable Hard/Soft knee compression with variable threshold, ratio and output gain • Auto attack/release • Variable ‘zero overshoot’ transparent limiter • High resolution bargraph metering of gain reduction and input/output level • Stereo linking • Balanced +4dB XLR in/out

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