ASHLY-DLM-821 Ducking Line Mixer

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Ashly Dlm-821 Ducking Line Mixer
The DLM-821 Stereo Ducking Line Mixer is designed for permanent installations involving multiple microphones or stereo line-level sources such as restaurants, boardrooms, nightclubs, health clubs, houses of worship, sports bars or wherever you need to manage audio and provide paging in a single or dual zone application.

The DLM-821 is housed in an all-steel, 1RU chassis and uses euroblock connectors for all audio connections. There are eight stereo inputs of which the first four channels are selectable to accept mic or line levels. Eighteen-volt phantom power is available on the mic inputs. Channels one and two are used for ducking inputs that duck the outputs of channels three through eight. Internal switching allows you set the ducking depth and trigger threshold.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Balanced Inputs and Outputs Eight Stereo or Sixteen Mono Inputs Individual Left, Right and Mono Outputs Mono Output Switchable between Mic and Line Level Channel 1 - 4 Selectable Mic or Line Inputs Ducker (Ch 1. or Ch 2.) Ducks Outputs 3 - 8 Channel One Priority Override L & R Level Meters w/Clip Indicators Monitor all Internal Amplifiers +18V Phantom Power on Mic Inputs Individual Channel Mute Switches

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