t.c. electronic M-One XL Studio PA Reverb Multi Effects Processor

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The XL Reverb Technology benefits from the TC Reverb heritage and takes advantage of both complex Early reflection patterns and dense Reverb decays in order to bring more natural reverbs to all applications. This technological development combined with XLR connectors make the M•One XL especially suited for LIVE applications!

Point of view "What am I looking for in a live sound reverb? That’s easy a good mix of different types of sounds and a user interface that’s easy to use. I want to be able to quickly edit the factory presets into the sounds I hear in my head. A full palette of sounds is also a must have, as a good reverb must be able to cover the full range of reverb styles from short trashy snares to natural sounding halls."

"In its price class there just isn’t a vocal reverb that can touch the M-One XL. I also like the M-One XL’s ability to do it all TWICE in a single rack space. This is one COOL box."

"Raz" Rasmussen, House Engineer for: Michael McDonald – Prince – LeAnn Reimes – Prime – Keb Mo – Kitty Litter Disco...

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