PreSonus M80 Eight Channel Mic Preamplifier

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PreSonus M80 Eight Channel Mic Preamplifier
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The Presonus M80 is the perfect package for my commerical studio. I track a lot of bands live, so I need a lot of good preamps. Initially, the feature set was what attracted me to the M80. But the smart class A design, high-quality components and low noise floor were what convinced me. I use the M80 daily, as one of my main studio workhorse tools." Will S., CA

"The M80 is simply indispensible for me . The mix bus allows me to combine several mics when tracking guitars, bass or drums(combining top and bottom snare etc.) making it one of the most flexible units I've ever used. Thanks for a truly amazing unit." Leo A., Puerto Rico

The M80 is an Eight-Channel Microphone/Instrument Preamp featuring low noise, balanced input transformers, ultra low impedance mix bus and vintage warmth control.

The M80 is designed with a low impedance stereo mix bus for assigning and panning any channel to the main stereo output connectors. It also has a high gain headphone output for monitoring the main bus.

A special feature of the M80 is the IDSS control on each channel. The IDSS control adjusts the drain current on the input FET amplifier thus altering the even harmonic levels of the signal. A wide range of control is offered from 0% to 100%. This feature may be used to adjust the harmonics of the signal from absolutely pure (no harmonics) to simulation of the effects of tape saturation and tube "warmth".

The back panel of the M80 is fully loaded with XLR balanced input/output connectors and TRS line inputs via Neutrik combo connectors. Each channel is equipped with separate send and return jacks for inserting dynamics processors (such as the Presonus ACP88). Mix output connectors are XLR for balanced signals as well as for line level signals such as digital audio card inputs.

The M80 is housed in a double rack space, steel chassis with a high quality blue anodized front panel. The unit also has an high output headphone amplifier and utilizes an external power supply to create a noise free preamp environment (S/N >98dB!).


Plug microphones and instruments directly into the Neutrik (TM) combo connectors Feed the inputs of a digital audio workstation with the M80's eight discrete outputs Mix any of the eight channels to the mix bus/fold back system Use for live remote/straight to two track recording Chain multiple M80s together via the auxiliary inputs Optimize valuable rack space and performance Insert your favorite outboard gear via the servo balanced send/return jacks.

Retail Price: 2299.95

Technical SpecificationsTop

Number of Channels Eight

Dynamic Range >120dB

Noise Floor @ Bus -90.2dBu

Noise Floor @ Main Output -96.4dBu

Number of Channels Eight

Noise Floor @ Channel Output +24dB gain, -88.2dBu

Headroom +28dBu

Frequency Response +/- 0.5dB, 10Hz - 60kHz

Crosstalk <82dBu @ 10kHz

Channel Gain, Mic Input +24dB to +60dB

THD + Noise (No IDSS) 0.0024%

THD + Noise (Max IDSS) 0.500%

Input Impedance 1.3k Ohms

Output Impedance 51 Ohms

Master Output Control (Bus) -72dB to +10dB

Metering Full Scale

Send Output Impedance 51 Ohms

Return Impedance 10k Ohms

Internal Operation Level 0dBu = 0dBu

Input Connectors NeutrikTM Combo Connector

Output Connectors XLR

Send Connectors 1/4" TRS

Return Connectors 1/4" TRS

Power Supply External, Toroidial, Linear Supply

Power Requirements 100V AC to 120V AC or 200V AC to 240V AC

Main Connection IEC Receptacle

Size 2U Rack, 19" x 3.5" x 7"


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