American DJ Light Copilot11 Power Switch Paks11

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American DJ Light Copilot11 Power Switch Paks11
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This is a 16 channel analog chase controller with 16 built-in programs, Audio sensitivity control knob, and USB gooseneck light input. The control panel has two 8-channel zones. Each zone is switchable from audio (sound activated) to standard to timed chase (Fast Chase to 10 minute intervals). Daisy chain up to 3 switch packs for easy installation and enhanced expendability. System includes: 1x Light Copilot II Controller; 1x LC-8SP, 8-channel Switch Pack; 1x 25 ft. connector cable. Fog Machine trigger button with LED function indicators (compatible with specific American DJ fog machines: Master Blaster 1000, Stallion, Vaporizer, Vapor Flow, Fog Storm 1200, Fog Storm 1200HD, Fog Storm 1700 & Fog Storm 1700HD) Internal Microphone or line input for music control Offers option to turn desired light ON with the rest of lights maintaining chase sequence Flash button override Black out (Stand by) Switch packs use triacs rather than mechanical relays for faster, more reliable chase functions and longer life Maximum Load: 15A per channel

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