Lexicon LARC-2 Alphanumeric Remote Control

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Lexicon LARC-2 Alphanumeric Remote Control
Product Description The user interface for the 960L is a totally redesigned and enhanced LARC2 remote controller. Fashioned after the original LARC, which sits atop the leading recording and post-production consoles throughout the world, the new LARC2 provides a simple and intuitive user interface based on the world standard 480L. A variety of input control devices are provided for maximum control and these can be custom tailored for additional flexibility. Lexicon commissioned an award-winning industrial design company to co-develop the LARC2. Featuring a highly-stylized design with a large, easy-to-read color backlit LCD display, the LARC2 has eight touch-sensitive motorized faders, a two-axis joystick for surround sound panning/placement control, eight soft and twenty-nine dedicated function keys. Using this extensive array of controls, the user has instant access to a variety of parameters including machine and system status, fader label/value, soft key, machine setup/select, system control/edit, mute/bypass and joystick control. The LARC2 also features an extremely small footprint (8" x 10.5" x 5.5") and may be located several hundred feet from the 960L CPU. A second LARC2 allows shared control of a single 960L mainframe.

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