Klark Teknik DN-514Plus Signal Processors Dynamics

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Klark Teknik DN-514Plus Signal Processors Dynamics
Klark Teknik - DN514plus

Quad Auto Gate

• Four frequency-conscious high performance gates in one single unit of rack space.

• Optimised for fast set up and dependable triggering for every conventional gate application.

• With two semi-automatic Attack Modes and hold time automatically scaled to release value, the DN514 Plus combines outstanding dynamic performance with simplified control.

• Unique sync function synchronises harmony parts, brass section, etc., by interlocking all four gate release times.

• Advanced VCA design for low noise and distortion.

• Additional key inputs for each channel allows triggering from external sources.

• Side chain monitor function simplifies filter set-up.

• Threshold and release LED’s provide visual information regarding gate status. Release contour indicated by release LED.

• Both Master and channel bypass switches are provided to aid set-up.

• The DN514 Plus is sturdily constructed throughout and complies with standard 19” 1U rack mounting requirements.

DN514 Plus Architect's & Engineer's Specification

The noise gate shall provide four channels of frequency-conscious gating with each channel having adjustable low and high cut 12dB/octave side-chain filters, variable from 20Hz-5kHz and 80Hz-20kHz. Adjustable threshold and release controls shall be provided for each channel and attack time shall be semi-automatic and switch-selectable for use with normal or percussive programme material.

The noise gate shall meet or exceed the following specifications:

* Distortion: <0.03% @ +4dBu (1kHz)

* Frequency response: (0.5dB(20Hz-20kHz)

* Noise floor: -100dBu gate closed (20Hz-20kHz unweighted) <-94dBu gate open (20Hz-20kHz unweighted)

* Attack time: 5us-2ms

* Hold/Release time: 40ms-2 secs

* Maximum output level into 600 ohms: +21dBu

Push button switches shall be provided to select channel and master bypass, side chain monitor and external key input. Channel inputs and outputs shall be via XLR style connectors, external key inputs shall be via 1/4" jack. A tamperproof front panel cover shall be available to fit the unit. The noise gate shall be 19" standard rack mountable and 1U high.

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