Hosa ODY-314 Fiber Optic Splitter

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Hosa ODY-314 Fiber Optic Splitter
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Fiber Optic Splitter: 1-IN, 2-OUT Use this professional optical data splitter whenever you need to send your fiber optic signals to two destinations at once. For example, send data from your digital workstation or computer card to your DAT or CD-R and to your digital monitors speakers at the same time.

Simply connect one end of a Toslink type fiber optic cable to the ODS-330's OUTPUT jack and connect to other end to the fiber optic INPUT of the destination gear. Now, at the ODS-330, you've go TWO inputs for your sources, instead of just one.

Works for Alsesis ADAT Lightpipe (8-channel) or standard 2-channel 2 channel S/PDIF.

Be sure to use high-quality Toslink type fiber optic cables such as Hosa's OPT-100 Series or Hosa's Premium OPM-300 Series cables.

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