Hosa HEM-462 Hum Eliminator for PC Audio Integration

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Hosa HEM-462 Hum Eliminator for PC Audio Integration
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Hum Eliminator For PC Audio Integration

Hums, buzzing and popping in audio signals can be annoying at best, and dangerous to your equipment at worst. The HEM-462 offers two channels of hum elimination through transformer isolation and ground lifting.

If you have a certain piece of equipment that you believe may be causing hum within your system, run its output signal through one channel of the HEM-462 and then on to it's destination. Hum should be eliminated or at least drastically reduced. Try the ground lift switch in both position and then choose the one that gives the best results. This unit does not require batteries or any other power.

Since the HEM-462 is a two channel device, you can run each "channel" independently, or you can use the Stereo / Mono switch to combine stereo inputs into two separate summed mono outputs.

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