HME 4-Up DX200 Digital Wireless Intercom System without Headsets

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HME 4-Up DX200 Digital Wireless Intercom System without Headsets
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Product Description The digital DX200 Wireless Intercom System from HME provides crystal-clear, secure, and interferencefree communications. With its digital encryption and frequency hopping technologies, you'll never have to worry about unauthorized users hearing your communications. Diversity antennas and dual-slot diversity maximize reception of the strongest signal possible. Simple. Innovative. Expandable. The DX200 System comes complete with synthesized voice prompts, rechargeable batteries, battery charger and rugged, lightweight beltpacs for reliable and cost-effective operation. Whether it's used at professional sports events, military operations, churches, performing arts or other venues, the DX200's superior digital design and ease of operation make it the best choice in wireless intercom systems.

2.4 GHz license-free operation

The DX200 is approved for worldwide use so you won't need to coordinate frequency operation with other wireless systems.

Digital frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)

The DX200 incorporates FHSS with encrypted signals to secure communications so people outside of the system cannot hear your conversations.

Wireless ISO Channel

This feature allows beltpac users to converse with others on the same channel. ISO+ enables beltpac users to talk to those operating on a secondary base.

Base Station w/2 antennas 115/230 VAC power supply 115VAC power cord (4) BP200 Beltpacs each with 2 batteries and pouch AC40A Battery Charger, Manual

*No headsets are included with this system*

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