Hiwatt Pete Townshend/CP-504 Classic Series Guitar Head White (Also Available In Red Or Black)

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Hiwatt Pete Townshend/CP-504 Classic Series Guitar Head White
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Hand-wired, classic tube sound to rock any generation.

A 50-watt version of the amp designed to the same specifications as the amp used extensively by Pete Townshend of THE WHO. Based on the Custom 50, the CP-504 features more gain and a more responsive Bass and Treble control network. Uses 4 independent pre-amp channels (with 4 x ECC-83 tubes), 4 individual Volume Controls and a Master Volume. Power stage uses 2 x EL-34 tubes. Equipped with Partridge transformers, and has switchable 4, 8 & 16 ohms output impedance.

A look inside the amplifier will reveal point- to-point hand wiring, turret tag boards (no printed circuits), and hand laced wiring harnesses. The power and output transformers are manufactured by Partridge, the original 1970's supplier to the original design sheets. The components and wires are the modern available equivalents of the vintage components, 1-watt carbon resistors, and wound polyester capacitors being used throughout.


Power: 2 x EL-34 tubes Preamp: 4 x ECC-83 tubes 50 watts Dual channel: normal and bright Adjustable 4, 8 & 16 ohm output impedance Low and High sensitivity inputs Individual channel volume 3-band EQ Hand wound

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