Hiwatt Hi Gain 50SER Head Hi Gain Series Guitar Head

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Hiwatt Hi Gain 50SER Head Hi Gain Series Guitar Head
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Same as the Hi-Gain 50 head but with Reverb, Mute, FX loop and speaker emulation.

Everything the modern musician needs, but still with that awesome Hiwatt sound.

The clean channel uses the same circuitry as HIWATT's Custom range. But you now have Accutronics reverb. FX in out loop, amplifier mute so that you can use the pre-amp on it's own through the specially designed speaker emulation circuitry. Push-pull bright normal switch just like the channels on Hiwatt's original range. Switch channels now and dial in hte biggest sounding distortion with awesome bottom end forall your drop tuning requirements. Total control and versatility together with the Vintage and modern!

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