Hiwatt David Gilmour/DG-103 Classic Series Guitar Head Black

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Hiwatt David Gilmour/DG-103 Classic Series Guitar Head Black
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Hiwatt David Gilmour 100 Watt Signature Guitar Head DG-103. Based on the Custom 100 head, but with special modifications as commissioned by Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd himself, the DG-103 adds a bit of modern sophistication to the classic performance amplifier. In addition to the Bass, Treble, Presence and Master Volume controls, the DG-103 uses a specially linked input system, where the gain of each channel can be altered to suit different musical styles. Built using Partridge transformers, 4 x ECC-83 tubes in the preamp section, 4 x EL-34 tubes in the power stage, and is rated at 100 watts output, with switchable 4, 8 & 16 ohms impedance. Hand-Wired!

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