Hiwatt Custom 20 Classic Series Guitar Head Red (Also Available In Black Or White)

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Hiwatt Custom 20 Classic Series Guitar Head Red
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Hiwatt 20 Watt Custom Tube Guitar Head. For the tube amp lover who prefers the rich, uninhibited tone of pure Class A, we offer the HIWATT Custom 20. Powered by EL-84 power tubes (2) and utilizing a gain controlled preamp in addition to its point-to-point wiring, with 4x 12AX7 tubes, the Custom 20 serves jazz, pop and rock guitarists alike. Boasting the classic design that brought HIWATT to the forefront of amplification, the Custom Series feature the point-to-point, military specific design based on Dave Reeves' original amplifiers. HIWATT Custom amplifiers use only the best quality components, including hand-wound Partridge transformers and marine birch hand-built cabinets.


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