E-MU PMS Precision Monitor

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E-MU PMS Precision Monitor
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E-MU's new PM5 Precision Monitor has been designed from the ground up to deliver hyper-accurate audio in a compact design. From its custom audiophile amplifiers (Class-A input and MOSFET output stages) to its world-class drivers and premium cabinet, the PM5 offers superior imaging and hi-end transient detail with linear frequency response rivaling compact nearfield monitors over twice the price.

Professional features like overload protection, balanced/unbalanced inputs, and treble, bass and input sensitivity controls ensure that the PM5 will seamlessly integrate into any studio environment.

SpecificationsAbout The Designer General

• Type: Two-way, bi-amplified nearfield reference monitor • Frequency Response: 67Hz to 20kHz (±2.5dB) • Maximum Sound Pressure Level (short term) - Single: =100dB SPL @ 1m - Pair: =103dB SPL @ 1m • High-Frequency Driver - Type: Neodymium Soft Dome - Size: 25.4mm (1”) • Low-Frequency Driver - Type: Glass Fiber Cone - Size: 127mm (5”) • Dimensions - Height: 290mm (11.5”) - Width: 175mm (6.9”) - Depth: 245mm (9.7”) • Weight: 6.5kg (14.3lbs) • Power: 120V, 60Hz (North America), 220V-240V, 50/60Hz (Europe)

Crossover Network • Type: Active 2nd- order Butterworth • Input sensitivity control range: -21dB - 0dB • Input impedance - Balanced: 47K ohms - Unbalanced: 47K ohms • Crossover frequency: 2.5kHz

Amplifiers • Type: Custom discrete with Class-A input/MOSFET output stages • High-Frequency Amplifier - Power: 40W RMS into 4 ohms - Signal-to-Noise Ratio, referred to full output: > 98dB - Distortion: THD < 0.2% • Low-Frequency Amplifier - Power: 40W RMS into 4 ohms - Signal-to-Noise Ratio, referred to full output: > 98dB - Distortion: THD < 0.2% "I believe every time a signal passes through an electrical circuit, it degrades in quality. The best amplifier is wire with gain.... Thus, in designing the PM series amplifier, I tried to make the circuit topology of the amplifier as simple as possible and I believe this was successful."

Jun Makino has more than twenty years experience designing speakers and amplifiers. In July 1997, he set up Majeel Labs, a Singapore company, where he designed the Pristine A-S10 Power Amplifier and the Nagisa audiophile active monitors.

Makino believes that a high quality amplifier has to be almost "transparent" - that the output voltage is almost an exact replica of the input voltage without any modification (coloration). If the perfect amplifier were to be built, the difference between the input and output would only be an increase in amplitude at the output. Makino's strong belief in simplicity of design to achieve gain guarantees the purest amplified signal for audio playback and lies at the core of the PM Series amplifier design.

Package Content • Retail Box Contents • E-MU® PM5 Precision Monitor • Power Cord • Owner's Manual

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