Dynacord Xa2 Xa Complete Systems

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Dynacord Xa2 Xa Complete Systems
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Dynacord Xa 2 Complete Xa2 System includes: 2 x Xa 4000, 2 x FX 12, 2 x FX 20, 2 x PSS 415, 2 x PSS 404, PSS 401 D113018

In a world of over-abundance and mass production, quality, functionality and design are still decisive factors. We at DYNACORD develop and produce first-class products (‘Made in Germany’) that through practiceoptimized details and well-considered solutions to the real problems of each application provide our users with only positive experiences, bringing them many years of pleasure in day-to-day operation. The highest possible quality of our products and the absolute satisfaction of our customers are our highest precepts. Complete plug ‘n’ play audio systems have for many years been an ever present part of the DYNACORD sound reinforcement range. With the new Xa-2 systems, once again DYNACORD is setting the highest standards in audio performance, reliability and price. To obtain the highest possible on-axis sound pressure levels, complete horn-loaded systems remain the first choice. Typical Top 40 gigs, open air events in the cities and mobile DJ applications requiring up to 1000 m2 of coverage and 40 metre throws are the ideal applications for the new Xa-2 systems from DYNACORD.

High-quality neodymium components combined with new Constant Q horns and patented planar waveguide bass horns deliver maximum sound pressure and superlative audio performance. The active 2-way Class H system power amplifiers with switching power supplies and audio processors as well as all the requisite protective circuits are capable of driving a very wide range of rig configurations with absolute reliability.With VCTP safety circuits in the cabinets — the ‘personal bodyguards’ of the loudspeakers the widest possible dynamic range is combined with the highest degree of security. Simple transportation, fast setting-up times and easy cabling are just some of the important practical advantages of DYNACORD’s complete systems. A wide range of accessories, such as flying frames, rigging wires and tilting apparatus provide simple and TÜV-approved solutions to complex, vexing and otherwise timeconsuming problems when setting-up in awkward venues.

The components of the Xa-2 can be quickly and easily configured to cover an enormous range of different sound reinforcement applications in venues of all shapes and sizes without any need for complex calculations, controller adjustments and limiter settings. If extreme sub levels are needed for an open air DJ event, just add another sub on each side! If the brass band in the beer tent wants ultra-wide coverage but less bass, just use one sub and two angled tops per side! And if a Top 40 band suddenly finds itself playing to an audience of 4000, the same system amp can drive three subs and two tops per side — not to mention additional front- or side-fill enclosures — without even breaking sweat!

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