Dynacord L 2400 120V Power Amplifier

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Dynacord L 2400 120V Power Amplifier
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Dynacord L 2400 120V Power amplifier, 2 x 1200W D112865

Linear Precision Series

L 300 2 x 150 W

L 500 2 x 250 W

L1000 2 x 500 W

L1600 2 x 800 W

L2400 2 x 1200 W into 4 ohms, both channels driven, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, THD = 0,1%

• Excellent audio performance

• Symmetrical topology

• Ultra-low distortion

• Generously dimensioned power supply units

• Suitable to be operated on loads down to 2 Ω

• Suitable to drive complex loads with phase angles of ± 90°

• Extensive protection circuitry

• Unique Back-EMF protection

• Switchable limiters

• Switchable Hi/Lo-Cut filters

• Robust steel chassis

• Exceptional low noise front-to-rear air-flow

• XLR-type inputs and direct-outs

• LED display shows On, In, Out, Limit and Protect

• DUAL-MONO power supplies in the L1600 / L2400

• Highly reliable operation

• 36 Months Warranty

There are two main approaches in designing high-performance power amplifiers: get as many watts as possible for as little money as necessary or set the designing standards without compromise to the highest achievable audio performance at the threshold of the physically attainable, ensure highest reliability and go for the best in professional audio equipment that today’s technology can accomplish. It is doubtless, that combining these two apparently conflicting design-profiles would offer the best solution: due to their advanced topology, Linear Precision Series power amps combine excellent audio performance, modern and innovative circuit design, meticulous and exceptionally rigid construction, and the highest levels of operational integrity and reliability with an appropriate and more than realistic price. So, why pay more for leading edge technology ”Made in Germany”? Well, on the other hand – it cannot be done for less. The robust steel chassis provides outstanding torsional strength through L-shaped side panels reaching under the thick aluminium front panel. Thermal breakers prevent the power supply units from being damaged by thermal overload. Electronically controlled fans provide sufficient frontto- rear airflow and a special cool air diverter takes care of thermal stability. The fans’ noise-level is extremely low which provides the possibility for studio use. If necessary, a supplied air-filter can be mounted behind the front panel ventilation louvres. Delayed switching the power outputs during a soft-start is accomplished via relays and an initial inrush current limiter prevents the mains fuses from being blown. Extensive protection circuitry includes the relay-switching of the speaker-terminals in cases of short-circuit and prevent the occurrence of DC or RF at the power outputs. A selectable Hi-/Lo-Cut filter limits the amplifier’s response to the audible spectrum, preventing the amplification of extreme LF and HF out of band signals. Additionally, a special protection circuit – the Back-EMF Protection – protects the Linear Precision power amplifiers from damages resulting from high-level, high-energy feedback from a faulty loudspeaker system. Comparator circuits continuously monitor the amplifier’s input and output signals and activate internal limiters whenever a non-linear operational state is detected. These limiters have acoustically optimised time constants and can also be switched to the appropriate speed according to the application they are used in; from FAST (e. g. for use as a Mid/Hi amplifier) to SLOW (e. g. when driving sub woofers). This serves as a protection for the connected loudspeaker systems against overload caused by clipping in the power amplifier’s output stages. The L-1600 and L-2400 embody separate and fully independent DUAL-MONO power supply units. The toroidal mains transformers are custom-produced at our very own manufacturing site in Germany and possess particularly low magnetic field radiation characteristics. All components are of selected quality and are generously rated for unrivaled quality.

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