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Dynacord CL 1600 120V, 2 x 800W, Class H power amplifier, featuring built-in LPN filter, for use with D-Lite system D-Lite Components D112914

The Dynacord CL1600 power amplifier unites high output, high efficiency and high quality in a compact, lightweight frame: only two rack units in height, the CL1600 weighs a mere 15 kilos. Despite its compactness, nothing has been sacrificed in terms of power: the CL1600 delivers 2 x 800 watts into 4 ohms and 2 x 1100 watts into 2 ohms. Thanks to the CL1600's Class H design, only a fraction of the normal amount of energy is dissipated in heat. As a result, despite taking up very little rack space, the CL1600 can handle a greater number of power amplifier channels and deliver a greater quantity of power than a larger unit employing a less advanced design.

The new Compact Linear Precision power amplifier range combines outstanding audio performance with the highest possible degree of reliability and operational safety. As well as providing an improved specification, DYNACORD has somehow managed to reduce considerably the weight of the amplifiers, so that the CL 1600, CL 1200 and CL 800 weigh in at a mere 16kg, 15kg and 13.5 kg respectively

The use of an optimized power supply with exceptional low-emission toroidal transformers and the use of Class H technology has made it possible to attain a large amount of headroom over and above the rated power, whilst at the same time reducing both the weight and the power loss of the amplifiers.

CL series amplifiers are capable of satisfying the most extreme demands throughout even the longest and most taxing of tours. They are protected with absolute security against overheating, overloading and short-circuits as well as HF or DC at the output.

The output signal of all CL series power amplifiers is continuously monitored by high-speed audio processors, so that in the (very unlikely) case of a deviation from linearity, fresh control parameters can be sent to the dynamic limiter and the input signal reduced.

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