Digidesign Smack! LE (RTAS+AS) Plug-In For Pro Tools (Only)

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Digidesign Smack! LE (RTAS+AS) Plug-In For Pro Tools (Only)
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Digidesign Smack™ is a new professional compressor/limiter plug-in designed specifically for music applications, but capable of accommodating virtually any kind of audio material with equal success. Smack! features three compression modes, unique compression ratios, and harmonic distortion ideally suited for achieving a wide range of sonic variations and colorations. Additionally, the plug-in supports side-chain processing, multichannel track types, and the full range of ProTools sample rates and plug-in formats.

Smack! has been developed for Pro Tools music makers who require a great-sounding, flexible and easy-to-use compression tool. Accurately modeling automatic gain reduction devices previously found only in hardware, Smack! controls the volume of just about any source in a very “musical” manner, adding fullness, intelligibility, and excitement to any track. Its user interface is intuitively constructed, with a look and feel reminiscent of vintage devices, enabling the user to create an amazingly wide range of tonal coloration with a minimal set of controls.


Foolproof operation — Handles any kind of audio material with ease Three compression modes — Includes a mode for emulating classic electro-optical limiters Unique compression ratios — From subtle compression to hard limiting Harmonic distortion — Add subtle analog-sounding distortion Side-chain support — External or internal side-chain processing and a side-chain EQ Multichannel support — For all Pro Tools multi-channel track types Full sample rate support — For all Pro Tools sample rates including 192 kHz Supports AudioSuite and RTAS plug-in formats

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