Digidesign HDx2 TDM Option Card Bundle

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Digidesign HDx2 TDM Option Card Bundle
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Pro Tools|HD Option for FOH Rack or Mix Rack The HDx Option Card is a FireWire-based option for the VENUE FOH Rack or Mix Rack that provides integrated Pro Tools|HD® recording and playback with your VENUE system — no Pro Tools|HD audio interfaces required. Simply use the card to connect your VENUE system to a compatible Windows- or Mac-based computer housing Pro Tools|HD Core and Accel cards. You can install one HDx Option Card into a Mix Rack for up to 64 channels of recording/playback, and up to two HDx cards into an FOH Rack for up to 128 channels of recording/playback.

With Pro Tools HD software running on the VENUE-connected computer, you can record and archive live performances using your VENUE system as the audio interface, and play back pre-recorded Pro Tools® tracks with the live inputs. You can also perform Virtual Soundcheck — a timesaving process that lets you play back tracks recorded from a previous performance and adjust the mix before the actual performance or rehearsal.


* Provides a direct digital connection (24-bit/48 kHz) between a VENUE system and a computer with Pro Tools|HD Core/Accel cards and software installed * Record up to 128 channels of digital audio (up to 96 Stage inputs and up to 32 assignable channels) to the Pro Tools|HD system with two HDx cards, or up to 64 channels with a single HDx card * Play back up to 128 Pro Tools tracks directly in D-Show® software with two HDx cards, or up to 64 tracks with a single HDx card * Supports Windows XP- and Mac OS X-based computers * Provides DigiLink™ cable connections (cables sold separately)

Note: The HDx Option Card and FWx Option Card cannot be installed and used simultaneously. HDx Additional Requirements The following are required to use the HDx Option Card with your installed and configured VENUE system (a Pro Tools|HD® audio interface is not required):

* Pro Tools|HD® or Pro Tools|HD Accel system running Pro Tools HD 6.9 or higher software (two Pro Tools HD cards per HDx card are required for full channel count) * Two DigiLink™ cables per HDx card (sold separately) * For two HDx cards (FOH Rack only): a second FOH Rack Snake card is required to provide system clock, even if a second Stage Rack is not being used

Compatibility Information Digidesign can only assure compatibility and provide support for hardware and software that it has tested and approved.

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